Sunday, March 4, 2012

i met Jason Robillard

who the hell is that, right? well i take it if you're reading this blog then you know. it's not like this is a popular blog where some joe six pack will stop by for a read of the bf idiot's blog. just in case a little back ground.

i first found bf ted's forum through google. they had a few guys there who dominate every thread. some good guys who are well educated that seek and share all relevant information to running and being bf. Jason was one of those guys. i later found the BRS where he was a founding member. he was a high school teacher at the time.

he wrote a book about how to run bf. sells it on amazon. he later made a second edition and gave it away as a digital copy. i have one. good read. he was now sold the rights to a big publisher and is working on a rewrite. in this time he also got a gig to make a video and work with merrell in the production of their new "barefoot shoe" line. ya, i know, it's an oxymoron but if you're like i was as a newbie you didn't know what else to call them but bf shoes. now i know.

anyway after producing some videos he went and did clinics. from there he and his wife shelly,, sold everything and now live on the road with their kids and niece. you can read about their adventures here, he previously started this little blog where you can read more about him through his own words.

ok that's more than enough background. he's a very small time running celebrity. he just did a tour of the NW so i went out to meet and run with him. met him at the awesome store foot traffic. of nice people there who put on a run every thursday followed by some beer drinking in store. if that's not enough everyone goes to rogue brewery for guess what? more beer drinking.

i walked in with nick, both of us in our luna sandals. i introduced myself to Jason right away. we corresponded a little on FB. i told him there would be a few hundred people there. i think i stressed him out over nothing because i was thinking of some other stores first thursday run. woops. anyways there were two other guys there in huaraches and one more showed up. Jason was wishing he brought his but he didn't and was wearing flip flops. perhaps he doesn't know podiatrists warn against those things.

one guy Chris is a lurker on the BRS. another guy is lomad on forums, Tim in real life. the third guy makes and sells his own huaraches. Brancas, his name is Brant. we talked a little and he left before i got his contact info. he's at the Chiro school where i'll be going next year so i hope to track him down here soon. i may have to get some of his sandals next as i tried his on and they were comfy.

Daniel showed up with his huaraches in his hand. i stored them in my bag in the back room and after a quick ABC tutorial we were off. A is for alignment, B is for balance, and C is for cadence. well i tried to set my watch as i wanted to stick to my maf pace. we got to the waterfront and everyone was already going up the bridge before my watch got satellite reception. there were us bf'rs and minimalists as well as a few shoddies who ran. i took off at a 180 bpm, slightly above my maf. when i got on the bridge i could see almost everyone running down the path. i picked up my pace and kept it up until i caught up to Tim. we ran together a few hundred yards before he turned around. he's having some trouble lately.

when i got on the path i saw Jason coming back with Nick, Dan, Chris, and Brant. i stuck out my thumb to hitch a ride back with them. talked with Jason and the other guys as i led them back. Jason says my stride is a little long. hmm. i thought it was supposed to open up as you go faster. he takes really short quick steps. i was surprised. i should've said something. maybe that's why my feet have been hurting me more and more lately. he's also not as big as his pics made him look. i wonder if he lost some weight from his earlier pics. they made him look taller and bigger .

so back at the store we drink, talk, and get free water bottles from merrell. thanks guys. there's talk of going to rogue brewery for some more beer. Nick has time so we go. i was wanting a burger. we got there and found everyone in the back of the bar occupying three tables. Nick and i sat in the back table that was full of everyone's crap. Jason was seated with the others but joined us. it was cool. i enjoyed our conversation until some of the young girls joined us. i had to talk to them especially since i like Kelly. she's a cute little thing that works at the store. Laura had her bday, she's six, legally that is. 24 in real time. ya, leap year baby. i think i met another girl but i don't remember her name and then another cute little girl sat with us but i didn't ask her name.

at 9:15 i pointed the time to Nick. he felt he should be home by 9:30 to not get the boss mad. i didn't want him in trouble but he was having a good time and like any kid he pushed his luck because understandably he didn't want to leave. neither did i but i had to get home and get the little girl to bed since she had school in the morning. she kept texting me to pick her up later and later. i showed up by ten to get her.

here are some pics from Nick's wonderful phone. his is printed without his written consent. hey, you sent them to me so too bad. these just prove my point i need to get my own real camera as the quality sucks. especially the ones Nick took.

 me n Jason

Nick with Jason

one day i may learn how to put captions to each photo. Jason is a cool guy and i'm glad i was able to meet him. i overheard him talking with the merrell rep about bringing him back out here perhaps in october or november. that'd be cool.

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  1. That Jason's always got a beer in his hand. -TJ