Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new guys

a couple of weeks ago i got to run with a few of the new guys to the oregon brs chapter. jim i ran with a while back on the newberry entrance to wildwood. chris i just met but he has joined the group before. john is a transplant from michigan. he couldn't stand the excitement we were all stirring up on the brs so he moved to join the shenanigans.

we met at miller park in newburg. it's a private park where you pay $3 per car. we all said our hi's, paid our fees, and went on our way after a quick peek at the map. with us i noticed a shoddy. i confronted him but he was tagging along with jim. after saying no way in hell he would ever run bf, he gave it a try about three weeks later. yeah.

we were able to start out slow which suits me perfect. once we got into the woods we started speeding up slightly. we hit the hills and i was left with two choices. stay slow and possibly get lost or speed up and start a new cycle of training. i chose to speed up.

it's only a month away from the warrior dash so i hit the hills keeping right behind john. he's been running for many years and i think about 4 bf. he ran pretty strong while i was breathing quite heavy. chris was pretty close to us while jen and jim dropped further back with his friend tony. we didn't let them get too far out of sight though.

afer what seemed like a good mile and a half uphill we finally went down. we wound up on the road that was the main entrance. john and i were bf so we walked down the lovely gravel road. the others caught up to us and we said our goodbyes to john in the parking lot. he had to go to the airport. lucky him.

jen promised us beer. she's on probation. if you're going to bring beer to a gathering you put it in a cooler and keep it cold. she did neither. she had it in her trunk for over a month. getting hot and sloshed around the whole time. when she said this i had already taken a big drink. post run it hit me hard because while i bitched i still drank.

jen got hammered right away. she and i had chris laughing so hard at us he almost hit the floor. we were being so goofy jim felt the need to use his phone to take pics and video. she was working trigger points out of my, leg. i had to hamm it up when i noticed jim taking pics. enjoy.

trigger point in the buttocks. yeah right.

this really does feel good.

john and chris prerun.

TP in my leg.

getting silly now.

even sillier.