Monday, March 5, 2012

third maf test

yesterday, saturday 3/3, i went out for my third maf test. i took a water bottle and mury's make shift water bowl. last time we went to the track he followed me around and around. i saw him looking for water and with it being winter they had the fountains off. i had tied him up so he wouldn't chase me anymore. all that did was drive him crazy and bark every time i got far away. i didn't want to go through either event this time.

 after the thursday night run with Jason Robillard i thought i blew my maf training. so i was surprised that i saw a drop in my times. a big drop. i ran 4 miles in 48 minutes compared to 52 last time. and average pace of 12:05 compared to 12:30. that's a big drop in a month! i saw the drop come a week ago. the day i went to the dentist for an emergency exam i went for a run and noticed my time dropped even with me hurting my achilles. i will blame that on the nsaids i was on.

mury the little shiznit head, was harassing the three other runners out there. one guy complained and i told him to just give him a little kick. the dog wants to play but when he gets that close just take a little swing towards him and he'll run away. i was almost done by then so i just kept going. no stopping this time. i felt good and my foot didn't go numb. only my mind did. i don't know how people can get excited to go run on a track. at least those three didn't look excited to be there.

with this progress i'm definitely going to run the shamrock 15k at my maf pace. i'll still blow away close to half the competition.

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