Tuesday, June 19, 2012


i've ran a few races since my last post. it sucks not having your own connection. in the fall i start at my new school. let's see if i'll have more time to blog then. if i even have things to blog about other that running and studying.

after the shamrock i did the bridge to brews. i did the 10k with dan. jen had signed herself and david for the 8k. since he had no clue he didn't run and jen hurt herself so she didn't run either. wish she would've said something earlier so we could've given those numbers to other friends. oh well.

i was so looking forward to this race. for some reason it didn't live up to the expectations i gave it. running over the freemont was pretty cool. i passed a lot of people and got passed a few times. once the two races came together it was tough to tell who was passing me. only notice one pair of vffs. talked to one guy i thin at the beginning. once i told him i have no callouses and he was working harder than he had to, he ran away from me. fast.

i had a few beers after with dan and his son, no, the boy drank root beer. jen, dan, my friends james, his wife and her friend who ran the race. i guess the next highlight was when they gave me a ride to my car i stepped up to a tree in the street and just peed. these people in the car in front just laughed. i was a bit drunker than i realized. i'm going to have to limit myself to three beers post race unless i have a ride. or i eaten a big breakfast before i race.

dan, me, lucas, me and jen with david in the background. only pics i have from both races!

the next race was the cinco de mayo race on international barefoot running day. only jen and david ran with me. well, they did the 5k and i did the 10k. those two races joined together. maybe even the half joined up as well. the half got to enjoy a train going through their race giving everyone 25 minutes added to their run. i think it just happened again recently.

i have to blame nick for me no longer enjoying these road races. we ran the shamrock together for the first 6 miles and it was great. we talked the whole way and even with other runners. running alone has been boring now. not too many people talk to me and the ones that do are usually struggling to keep their own pace. no way i'm slowing down unless they are seriously curious. even then i may get shy and forget to tell them things they should know.

got my two free beers at this race and drank one of davids. talked to some women about adding in bf'n to her training. while i was running away from jen for some reason these girls talked to me and told me i'm famous. they always check my feet to see what color i've painted my toenails. nice.

after much searching i only found the one pic. for bridge to brews i painted my toenails gold with flakes. cinco de mayo i went green on my big toes with white in the middle two and red the last two. they looked awesome and i can't believe i don't have pics of them. lets see if jen reads this and sends me some pics after.