Saturday, March 17, 2012

crunch time

i have two finals next week with two research papers due. so of course it's more important for me to surf and blog. :) i will be studying my o chem here in a little bit and hopefully do some practice writing for my world religions class. thankfully o chem test is tuesday and WR on wednesday.

i have a list from o chem on what i should be studying. it's helping. what is harder is the research i need to do for my lab report due wednesday. anyone want to look up stuff on sunscreen for me? OMC if that helps.

for WR she gave us a list of questions that we will have to answer during class in essay form. not too hard as  we can use our book and notes. i need to do some practice writing, which i can bring but have to turn in something i've written during class. i have to clean up a research paper i wrote and write another 2-3 pages on a religion my group made up during class last week. not too difficult for me. if you didn't notice i can write a lot of BS.

RACE DAY tomorrow. first race of the year!!! yeah! get some!

i'm getting excited if you couldn't tell. i'm doing the shamrock run with my friends, both shoddies and bfr's. well, one will be in huaraches and a girl i work with will be in shoes. pearl izumis i believe. pretty but too stiff for my tastes. this girl is faster than me. lets see what happens tomorrow though. my friend in huaraches is only wearing them because of some strange heel pain he's going through. he can't figure it out and wants to play it safe. he signed up for this race last year and had to miss it. both of them haven't been running well lately and plan to keep at my slow pace.

so my plan to race is to start out slow. do the first mile well below my maf pace and pick it up every mile. this course has 5 miles uphill followed by 3 down. i should be at the peak of my maf pace for the last uphill mile which is great. i love to let loose downhill and with 3 miles i should be passing everyone who passed me.

i picked up Maffetone's new book from the library the other day, "The big book of and fitness". i've only read a little as i've been trying to study more. from what i quickly gleaned, i need to start running harder at least once a week. it's time. so tomorrow i will finish the race above my maf pace and we'll see how hard i actually go.

a few other friends will be there and i know a few will be bf. at least two are doing the 8k and i know one is doing the 15k. i'm assuming another will do the 15k as he says he running to the race from his house, which isn't too far from the uphill portion of the course! must be doing some marathon training. dan, i won't be able to keep up with, still. pretty sure of that. maybe another year or two and i'll get closer to him but it's still too soon. jen has made some green tutus for everyone to wear. she's doing the 8k bf. proud of her. she's getting faster.

i just wish i could bring my dog mury. i can hear the little bastard snoring away right now on his favorite chair. he and the little girl are always fighting over it. he either jumps on her to sit on the back or sits next to her. kids.

so for today's agenda is get to some homework. take mury to the park while i work out, come home and hit the heavy bag. it's 7am now so i should be courteous and wait til 8am at least. more homework. lunch with friends. packet pick up, more homework and then off to work. the good thing about lunch is i will be with two of my best friends. the bad is they want to go to claim jumper. crap. i don't like corporate food. frozen and packaged crap so it tastes them same at every location. corporations are worried about making money, not quality. oh well, i'll live.

then tomorrow, race baby where i can freak out some 32,000 people in the rain/snow and some sun followed by at least one free beer, ha, free.

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