Sunday, February 26, 2012

cold mud

today a few of us got together to run this morning. we had planned on 9:30am. a respectable time for a sunday morning. well saturday morning i got an email from Clay who was the first person to ask for a group run this sunday. he wanted to go at 8am instead because of other obligations. damn. everyone agreed. reluctantly.

i actually made it out there early and met travis. dan was there next then suzanne and jen followed shortly. clay, the one who asked to go earlier showed up last. nice. we had all said our hello's then went walking to the trail. suzanne and i were talking when we passed under a tree and bird shit dropped right in between us. we were like "what?" did that really just happen? damn. i looked in the tree and there was this little bird eyeing us to see if he got us. little pecker. i talked her into getting her shoes from her car as she hadn't been bf'in in a few months.

when we all got to the trail and started running we quickly broke into two groups like i thought we would. only this time we split into three. suzanne left me and jen behind. she was moving uphill quickly but not quick enough to catch up to the other guys.

when we passed wild cherry suzanne was just coming back. she was ready to leave but i talked her into going some more. yeah, i have some massive powers of persuasion. we got a bit passed dogwood and then dan caught up to us. travis and clay took off. we went to the road then up and back down wild cherry all the way to leif erickson. the girls took so long to get down we wound up just walking back to the cars from leif erickson.

after chatting for a bit i said i'm leaving. my right foot went numb from the pain in my achilles and the cold mud. the mud was damn cold. it must've been 34F when we went and only 38F when we got home. my feet never got warm. they are warm now. damn well hot. they are tingling so much from the pain. funny how two weeks ago i ran for three hours and felt much better than i do today. i slept for about two hours when i got home. frustrated jen because she was trying to show me some yoga poses she learned at a runners workshop.

this dog is still sleeping. he's barely moved since we got home and he's just snoring away. i don't think he'll get up and eat today. oh wow, i just saw him lift his head. i'm sure he'll go right back to sleep and won't even move when i go pick up the little girl.

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