Friday, April 13, 2012

shamrock run

no more free home internet. that's right. i had free internet. no, i wasn't stealing. in order to steal you have to sneak and not want to be seen what you're taking. this was more of a gift. they had no lock on their wifi so i used it. was it nice? nah but it's over.

i ran the shamrock 15k with nick. we kept an easy pace going from the back. we got passed by everyone who was even further behind us. sad but i was trying to keep an easy pace and steadily speed up. nick was in some pain and didn't want to hurt himself more. we were fine with our slow pace. i wanted to start out well below my maf pace and just be over it into nearly race pace by the end. didn't work that way. i was in my maf zone when we crossed the starting line. nervous energy.

some guy at the start came behind me and said "dude, you're insane!". i just looked at him with a big smile and said "no, i'm crazy, you and everyone else here is insane running in those high heels." he got a confused look on his face. kind of like he didn't know if i was joking or he should punch me. lucky for both he just took off running faster. don't make smart ass comments if you can't play.

maybe about mile two nick had to stop for a business call. he didn't take them all before the race so we stopped at some coffee shop on Broadway. we weren't the only ones either. we ran through the pearl district before that and some bystander yelled at me " you're going to catch a cold!" i yelled back "so because you wear shoes you don't get sick?" he just laughed.

as we left the coffee shop the road had some incline. i told nick he sped up. he looked at me confused and said "no, you slowed down." damn. my ruse didn't work. i am slow uphill. very slow. since we kept a slow pace i decided to keep up with him. it paid off.

we went into the hills and were passing everyone. we passed a girl who sped up to talk to us. she told us she just spent $150 on some new shoes and here we were passing her bf and in huaraches. she wasn't happy. stupid us didn't give her details to join the brs.

nick had told me he had planned to speed up on the downhill and leave me behind. i just smiled. when we started downhill he couldn't keep up with me. i called for him to speed up and he just smiled. i love running downhill. it's the only time i can truly run fast. i let go a bit. my hr never got above 180. i could've gone faster a few times. i passed MANY people. one girl had a nice ass. i almost slowed down just to watch but kept on going. i gave one girl the thumbs up who was wearing some vff's. she was struggling. i hope my little bit of encouragement helped her.

at the finish line was the same thing. everyone standing right there instead of getting the hell out of the way. why is that? don't you know people are coming in and some are coming in fast? move. i did see Jesus at the finish. i asked him why was he wearing some Nike's. disappointing.

i waited on the side for nick. we never met up with Cassie, Dan, Jen, and Kevin. nick got to my place a little late and i parked too far away. i thought i picked a good meeting spot but where nick and i came from it was closer to the start then the other peeps were. i called them to meet us there but with 32,000 people we never met until the end. we saw Dan at the bag drop just freezing. it had rained lightly and Jen had dropped his clothes. bad move. i make sure to drop mine since everyone comes in at different times. i barely recognized Dan until he stared at me and smiled. see.

post race with fellow brs'ers

 OK, i can't rotate that pic. sorry but i'm just not that tech savvy. i painted my toenails green for this race. Jen made us tutu's but we didn't meet her so sadly i didn't get to race in a gloriously ridiculous outfit.

after drinking countless beers, they always find a way into my hands from strangers and me just grabbing them. we took off for some lunch. one reason i like to park far from the race is to have time to sober up while walking. it helps. what didn't help this time was seeing these two girls telling us this story that they got robbed while looking for a place to park before the race. some bum reached into the car. he was moving around so much they didn't notice him reach in to the back and take their purses. no racing, no purse, no charges. they had such a fun morning. i pet the girls dog in the beer garden because he was big with a Mohawk. I've never seen that before. i offered to buy them lunch. of course nothing came of it but a good conversation. well, at least i had some fun.

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  1. Hahaha! I don't think I told you to keep up for the downhill. I know I did for the uphill because you were dragging ass. Were you carrying a lead weight or something? While you may suck at going uphills you are much faster than me at downhills right now. It's all that running with a stroller I tell you. I constantly have to keep it in control and never get to really run like you do downhill.