Sunday, February 12, 2012

my longest run

on friday i went out for my longest run to date which includes the walk to warm up and cool down. i went to upper macleay park so that i could access wildwood. the plan was to meet daniel on ww. i was going to be out for an hour at least so i could be warm and meet him on the top of the hill. to get up ww takes me twenty minutes. i'm slow, don't do well on hills, and doing my maf training.

i thought this time i would get there early and be nicely warmed up so dan didn't have to walk uphill with me. he can power uphill in minutes. he moves faster uphill than most people can move on flatland. either i missed him or he just didn't go. i went to where i told him i'd be and didn't see him. so if he did go out, i haven't asked him yet, he beat me and just kept on going. this is highly possible.

when i went to the bench at the top of the hill i turned around to go back up the trail. mury just stood there staring at me with a look on his face that asked "where are you going?" he didn't follow until i called him and he stayed far behind me until we got to the road that meets ww. from there we went up and then down dogwood. this is my favorite way to go. it's the only way i get to go fast. i get some enjoyment on the flattish parts of ww, but there isn't much of that. i still have to watch my hr as it can soar quickly if i just let myself go as fast as i want.

when we finally get down to the stone house my timer goes off. 2.5 hours running. it took a good ten minutes to walk back to the car. it took over twenty minutes for us to get up macleay trail to ww so i could start running. running up from macleay is no fun as it's filled with cold mud, wet decayed leaves, and lots of sharp rocks. cold feet don't handle sharp rocks so i wait to get to ww before i start running. true, i could just drive to aspen trail and get to the same spot in a two minute walk but i like the challenge of macleay. plus it isn't as far as a drive.

so we spent three hours on the trail. i felt incredible. i wanted to keep running but had to go to work. i ran late because i had to shower this dude and get ready then eat. my back/hip were hurting from that much running. i put on my rock ports to go to work. it felt weird wearing heels but i needed some cushioning. the merrells are good but not enough.

mury wouldn't eat while i was home. he just slept after his bath. he was wiped out. i tried to feed him when i got home. nope. i took him for a walk and he was barely moving. he looked like he was in pain. he didn't even move much in the morning but he at least ate sometime in the night. seems to be his newest habit. so i decided to go for a little road run to shake out my legs. little dude kept up no problem. i let him off leash in the corporate park and he was off looking for squirrels. he was in no pain whatsoever. he's amazing. he recovers pretty damn fast. must be his diet.

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