Thursday, February 23, 2012


who likes pain? masochists and sadists. i for one don't care for it. i don't like to be in it and i don't enjoy giving it. why is this post about pain? two reasons. i'm in it. deep. i mean deeeeeeeeeeep.

i got a root canal yesterday. i noticed my tooth started bothering me back in january. i was planning on making a check up when my mom told me last month she made an appointment with a dental school. cool. check up and cleaning for what, $90 instead of $400. i'm in. i'm a student without any insurance so i'll take it.

i went to my first appt and the girl kept touching me. i thought whoa, this chick digs me. i had to ask her about it on monday when i went for my second appt because i noticed everyone there was touching me. my shoulder that is people. or person since people don't read this. hi jen. anyway first appt wasn't much more than poking and prodding. i went for my second appt and the girl didn't make it. that is she didn't save it so i went there for nothing. that was after i spent $30 on sushi. thanks.

so we made an appt for this monday just past. no prob. thursday came and problem showed up. oh, side note, i went to the chiro school for my campus visit. awesome. when i got home my tooth started hurting. friday i was in some pain. saturday i was chewing on cloves at work and miserable because i forgot my orajel at home. pain was coming on stronger. sunday morning i had plans to go for a run and then to a yoga workshop for runners. i went for a run because i didn't want to leave mury hanging like that. i had to call jen to find out when the workshop was because i was without internet. i was thinking it was at 11:30am. it was at 1pm. damn. i had plans to go eat with mom and luis for his bday at 3. hmm.

as i was talking to jen my tooth got a shooting pain. i mean sharp. it was like a hot needle getting stuck into my jaw from my tooth. ow. i never had this kind of pain before. i made it to my appt on monday and told them of the pain. they took xrays and didn't clean my teeth as planned because of this. they couldn't see anything wrong with my tooth so they suggested i go to my dentist or an endodontist.

i called my dentist tuesday after lecture and before lab. they could get me in so i got permission and skipped lab. $100 later she tells me she's been watching this tooth and it was gonna be $2500 for a root canal. i gotta shop around. she's hot but damn that was a lot of money. people i know told me they paid $1000 and $1200. i paid twice as much? not cool. even more pain.

what's sad is i got it done yesterday and i'm sitting here still in pain. it's radiating down my jaw and wiping me out. i went to work after and the boss sent me home. i asked her for the night off. she said i could work. i thought i could too as i have before. not this time. my roots went deep, so did the pain. i can't even focus so i can do my lab. and it really isn't that hard.

on top of that the BRS is down for the count. it was bad enough when it migrated i lost my internet. then i got it back and it's down for "fixing". come to find out the guy who owned the site and gave it to TJ wants money for it. TJ built it to what it is and now he wants some of the action. she pays for a lot of things herself and just started getting advertising. ok, he did all the ground work. thank you. but he let it go. it's time for him to give up total control. instead he has a for sale sign on it. not cool.

i miss my bf peeps. i have no one to talk to. no one to make fun of. i can't be on the phone with nick and jen all the time. oh what to do what to do. hopefully they get it worked out quick. i miss that place.

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