Saturday, April 14, 2012

dirt dash

the dirt dash at hagg lake was the first bf race i did last year. so when registration opened for this year i had to sign up. since i saw some people with their dogs last year i decided to take mury with me. he could handle running 5.3 miles no problem. he's a tough little bastard. well, at least he can run a lot for such a little dog.

i got there a little later than i had wanted. i screwed around too much in the morning and decided i needed to clean my bathroom before i left. it did need it but i could have done it another time. so no warm up run and another pre race poop was in order. horrible thing was the toilet didn't flush. gross.

we lined up in the back. some guy asked me why i was running bf. i told him because it's fun and easier. then i noticed i didn't have my hr monitor on. crap. i though i packed it. i ran and checked my bag but i looked in the wrong pocket. i had it but didn't see it.

some other girls ran with a black lab. i passed them slowly on the start. i didn't mind starting so far back. last year when it broke onto the trail there was a pile up and we just walked the first little section downhill, too many people to run. this year way less people and way more mud. it was the wettest march in history.

mury struggled right away to keep up with me. the mud was deep. i watched him jumping through it. it came to his belly. he was not happy at all about running this. the previous saturday was his first race. he wasn't happy with either so i won't make him do anymore. he likes to run free and in this race he did. maybe it was the mud or the people, either way it was his last race.

i passed a lot of people and don't remember anyone passing me. last year i fell twice. this year i set an unbreakable record of six falls. yup. mud. this one guy i passed in vff's told me he fell twice. i told him i was at 4. he said i have to catch up. i told him he doesn't want my record and he agreed.

no other great moments here. just was a fun race to be back at. when it was over i went in the lake to rinse off and tried to get mury to follow. he got stuck in the grass and water. he wasn't happy about that. i wasn't too happy that after i got in the lake i noticed a water hose next to the bathroom where everyone was rinsing off. i took mury there. poor guy was shaking and cold. since they only had horribly cheap beer there we took off and spent the day with my mom.

there are some pics of us online on the xdog website but i'm to broke to buy those and post them here so see if you can find us if you're curious.
after the beginning. mury chasing me in the background.

he was even madder than this at the end.

i'm on that page and mury is on the following. if you look closely yo can see him far behind me. i went alone this year. had some fun but not an epic day.

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  1. Best race report ever! Most are so "It Was SO GREAT!" Bleh. Sorry your dog wasn't happy. ~Caity (