Friday, April 13, 2012

foot traffic 5k

so this running shoe store opened up next to my work. cassie told me she was going to run the 5k so i thought i would join her. she didn't make it but mury and i did. i didn't get there as early as i hoped, i know it's a recurring theme with me.

i talked to the owner for a bit while mury followed his dog around. i was trying to walk around and warm up when the chef called me to come move my car. another person parked in the back wanted to leave. crap. i didn't think anyone would want to leave before all the festivities. i told him to grab my keys inside the pocket and move it. he did.

mury and i got near the starting line. i didn't really notice it was on the sidewalk. we were in the street and this pretty woman came over and started talking to me. i quickly checked. yup, huge rock on her hand. oh well. she wanted to know if i was running in my sandals and i told her i''m not sure. which i wasn't. it would be my third day in a row bf.

the owner started the race and called for all the fast people. he said basically if you're going to run 9m/m or below to go now so you don't run anyone over. i lined up. sadly we were behind a buch of young girls who weren't starting. i had to bust through them. i heard quite a few people yelling out that i was bf.

i stopped once to let mury do his thing. he kept up with me but i had to tugg can call him to keep him going. i saw the same woman passing me on the way back and she smiled. sadly i didn't see her at the store. when we finished mury refused to move. i let him off leash and started walking away. he followed me then but was just done with the leash.

we went to the store to check out the unveiling of big foot. the named him something like furberto salasquatch. don't quote me on that. i'm sure i got the first name right, not sure about the last name. it was a fun little race and i got faster. 2.5 minutes faster than the jingle bell 5k in december. that's quite and improvement. this maf training is paying off.

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