Tuesday, September 20, 2011


ok so i've been in reno for almost a week now. i haven't written anything since i left portland so this will just be some ramblings about my trip and may include a post about the Mayweather fight or it could get it's own post.

i said in my last post how i got some In n Out when i drove by. if that wasn't clear, i did. no way i could pass up that greasy goodness. it's been some two years since i've eaten there. paleo diet be damned. i had to have a double meat with some fries and it was good.

i had a four by four meat the day after with some fries. i think that was my first one ever and it was good. you poor people who've never had In n Out, get some if you can. better than any other fast food burger chain. i had a double meat again yesterday and now i'm thinking i may have to have one for breakfast to start my trip tomorrow.

so my first day in reno all i did was eat and sleep. the heat was a bit too much coming from my climate. i read everyone on FB complaining about rain. haha. sunny n hot here. next day i was able to take the dogs for a run. all i really did here was walk the dogs and drive my younger niece to school. the older one got rear ended the day before i came down so all she did was sleep. poor girl didn't eat hardly anything until saturday.

ah saturday. talked my brother into going out with me. he wasn't too happy and was quite all night. don't know whats up with that but i just tried to enjoy the time instead of making a big deal about it. don't worry about what you can't change.

so we went to hotel atlantis to meet my sis-in-law's friend. my god she was very well endowed. even thought i met here for bfast the same day, she was wearing a sweater so she had the girls hidden. i did my best to not stare all night. of course being a guy you just fail at that no matter what. we gambled, i should say the girls gambled while my bro and i drank.

next we went to the peppermill. they have a club called edge. they wouldn't let me in with my huaraches on. told me no flip flops. i lifted my pant leg and said these aren't flip flops. guy says no sandals. i said i'm a tourist and don't have shoes. he says put on some boots. i tell him i'm indian and am not wearing cowboy clothes. he smiles and looks away as i say come on how about some native love. i just smiled and walked away. the other girl was ready to take me to walmart form some cheap shoes until she said cover charge was $20. forget that noise.

off we went to downtown with another new girl in tow who's even shorter and nearly as well endowed as the other. wow i'm terrible. i can't remember the name of the place we went! i know it starts with an e and that's all i can recall at the moment. i know it's attached to circus circus and some place else. was cool in there. younger people walking around.

we were about to go into some club there but all went to eat instead. of course the server says he didn't hear me say no cheese on my burger so i had to wait even longer to eat. then i disgusted everyone by eating everything. after food i'm ready for bed. so we went home.

not too much of a highlight for a long awaited night out. i'm just not as energetic as i used to be.

i guess i can talk about the fight. i was trying to get my brother to go out and watch the fight but of course he didn't get ready until it already started. i had a feeling that would happen so i found a free live stream of it. i caught it from the second round. Mayweather was being his elusive self.

to the controversial and final fourth round. by the way, i used to be quite the boxing aficionado. unfortunately i no longer have cable and work every weekend so i can't follow fights like i used to. when i say fights i mean boxing. the sweet science, not the mma street fighting crap. i want to watch guys stand there and play physical chess, not wrestle and submit. that is boring to me. i have watched very few mma fights and even fewer have been worthy of watching. you can say the same thing with boxing but at least they will be on their feet and can have points deducted for being inactive.

so in the fourth Ortiz got some shots on pbf and backed him into the corner. once he couldn't hit him again he tried to blatantly head but him. the whole crowd saw him and booed him for it. he knew he was wrong so he gave pbf a hug and was apologetic. if i was floyd i wouldn't hug after such a blatant fowl. accidents happen that was beyond a cheap shot.

joe cortez, the ref, deducted a point for the head but. he told them to box and ortiz went to pbf, pretty boy floyd, for another hug and apology. pbf did it again, like i said, i wouldn't have. when ortiz backed away from the hug he took his eyes off of floyd and his hands were down so floydortiz got what he deserved and he knows it. people who say floyd took a cheap shot don't know shit about boxing. the first rule a ref tells the fighters is to protect yourself at all times. he told them to box and ortiz wasn't paying attention when floyd hit him. had it been me i may have lost my composure and fouled him back. good thing for floyd he didn't. he just got even by keeping his composure and knocking ortiz out.

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