Monday, September 12, 2011

i'm always late

is this from being raised by a mexican mother and puerto rican father? i can remember always being late for everything. being late is normal to me. i don't like to show up early and wait. in my family it's pretty expected to show up late. at my cousin's wedding a few weeks ago she told everyone it started at 4pm. people were still showing up close to 5pm, when the wedding got started.

here i am some what late, five years after blogging becomes popular i decide to start my own. i don't even know how long ago it became popular so please don't blast me on that to the one person who may read this.

if it wasn't for the bus system when i went to school, i would've been late all the time. i think the only reason i was on time when i started driving was i don't like to be in trouble. detention is no fun. i am on time to my classes now that i'm back in school some 20 years removed. i don't like interrupting. i tend to be considerate but do still wind up late once in a while.

i tried going to school out of high school but had no clue on what to do and no desire to do well. so after floating around and seeing myself with no savings or anything to pass on to my daughter. here i am later in life going back to school so that i can help set her up with a better life than i was able to take advantage of. life is a journey and i will continue on.

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  1. I know why you are late. My major in college was Intercultural Communications and Relations. I studied the differences and similarities between cultures. Cultures that put the greatest emphasis on relationships (the quality not quantity) also place the least emphasis on linear time. That's because linear time (where a specific time -and time limit- is assigned to an event or appointment)is not conducive to the cultivation of relationships. Also, in these same cultures, everyone, even your banker, etc., is a friend. These cultures still have "appointments" but the relationship takes precedence over "time". So if you and the banker get to talking about your families and life, etc., during an appointment, they will disregard the ending time of that appointment and the starting time of their next appointment in favor of bonding with you. But the next person won't be on time anyway because they were bonding with someone else at some other "appointment". So pretty soon everyone is late and no one cares. Where it becomes a "problem" is when a non-linear time culture lives in a linear time culture, or vice versa. In some cultures, the concept of linear time does not even exist and if you talked to them about appointments they would have never even heard of them.