Tuesday, September 13, 2011

call me mr no plans

ask me what i'm doing this weekend and the answer is always the same. i'm going to work. the only time i make plans is if someone else makes them and i agree to them.

for instance take now. i mean right now. i've known for months that i had until september 15th to use this groupon i bought for white water rafting in Medford and i didn't decide to go until today. scratch that. i had decided a long time ago to go this past sunday until i loaned out some money. i know, don't loan it out right? not always easy when it's family. i almost always have money, not a lot but some.

so i called the place tonight to reserve a trip and they didn't answer. i left a message and they didn't call back. i called again and this is all during business hours, no answer. great. i'm just getting up about 4am and going. oh, so my step father needs to go to Reno as well so we'll be driving together. at least following each to medford where he will wait for me while i go rafting, hopefully. once finished the plan is to drive straight to reno.

see why i never make plans? life. things always happen to screw them up so i try not to plan for too much or too far in advance. i planned this out in june to go alone so i could go hike crater lake, raft, then go to reno to visit my brother and his family. one thing after another and here i am making last minute plans to go.

i was going to drive down to crater lake and hike around. get to see a true natural beauty. then i would camp somewhere and go rafting the next morning. once done rafting i was going to camp again or go to reno. my plans are always broad so that i can adapt to anything that comes up.

why did i wait until now? school. i bought three groupons for me and my girls to go rafting. my oldest said right away she didn't want to go. that changed when i told her my niece was coming along. good. now problem. i couldn't go while i was in school and when i finished the girls were still in. i signed up for summer school, a condensed course of physics, smart i know. with only a week off i had to go in that time. my girls wouldn't go because those were the last days of their school and they didn't want to miss out on the big party the school was planning. great.

now that i finished summer school i had to wait until i did the warrior dash. don't worry, race report will be posted in a few days. did that and like i said, i loaned out money. i do have a little bit of money on me but the problem is i don't know how i will pay for school next term. so far i've been denied by financial aid because i passed the credit limit allowed at school. i have appealed but that takes a month.

i almost made the trip last night but i was a bit tired to do anything. i went for a run today and felt great. minus my hip. i then went to pilates, worried that i wouldn't have enough time to pack if i did leave. i'm glad i went because it woke me up and i feel great from it. it's quite a work out if you've never done it. i do recommend it. so i get home and have the idea of borrowing a friends tent who lives out by my mom. good because i could get my oil changed there. new problem. i eat dinner and get tired. ugh. jiffy lube has already closed so i'll be getting the oil changed on the road sometime tomorrow.

fine. i call my sister-in-law and she tells me my niece is fine. i'm like what do you mean? oh, she was in a car accident and the car got totaled. poor girl. two years of driving and two accidents of being hit from behind by idiots who weren't paying attention that the car in front of them was at a complete stop! this time the car is totaled and she is in a lot of pain. so in comes the step father who will be driving down his spare truck to my brother because they need an extra car to get around.

great stuff right? maybe you can see why i've started this blog now? it's a way to complain and anyone can just move on instead of telling me to shut up. at least this way i won't know you're ignoring me.

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