Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reno trip

once again plans change last minute and on the road. my step dad didn't drive down with me like he was supposed to. i woke up at 3am anyhow, when he was supposed to be at my place, and started getting ready. took just over two hours to pack up, make lunch, shower, and go. dropped off Mury at a friends after getting some gas and i was gone.

i beat all the morning traffic out of portland and salem, even eugene. i still drove fast as i wasn't able to get through to orange torpedo rafting co. and let them know i was coming down from portland. i had my sister-in-law look up the number for the office in Merlin and call them. they called me back right away as she told them i was lost. they said i would make it in time by 9:30am and not to worry. i thought they left by then so pressure was off.

i made it and went rafting with two women who were, let's be polite and say more than just friends. don't expect me to always be politically correct. one talked to me while rafting and the other didn't. when it was over they were gone. it was a fun trip and the guide was funny. young guy who's name i can't remember now. he lived in germany for a year and mm, wow, somewhere in the middle east.

it was fun to go rafting but was definitely better in the beginning of summer when the water level was higher. also found out when we finished that they were using smaller kayaks but switched to bigger ones because people kept falling out. pshh. wish i would've known that before hand as i had a lot more fun in the smaller one. i hit a wave and rolled into it like your supposed to. impressed the guide that i did it right and didn't get knocked out of the kayak.

after that was done i took a nap down the freeway. after a lovely four hour drive in the morning to go rafting it took me another six hours to get to reno. best thing was is that there's an In n Out burger two exits from my brothers place. yum. no other fast food burger can even come close.

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