Sunday, January 29, 2012

punching bag

i finally did it. i went and bought a punching bag. a big heavy stand that has a speed bag platform on the backside of it. i spent a lot of money today but it's quite an investment in myself and my girls. i will be using it quite a bit for days i don't want to run.

i've been wanting a bag for many years. i had one some twenty years ago. my brother sold it. now i have one that i can take with me to wherever i move. the only thing i'm doing now is looking around my place to make sure i have room for everything or if i'm going to have to get rid of something.

i get it next weekend as it's being delivered by thursday or so. bought the little one a set of bag gloves with open fingers. she didn't want to use my gloves. nyah. jeez. i hope the speed bag is not too big. i'll find out next weekend but then i can always return it if it is. i know i can't get a pro size just yet, too fast. i want to try and jerry rig a double end bag. love those things.

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