Saturday, December 3, 2011


i feel like a hypocrite. i tell my girls to get good grades yet here i sit ignoring my own homework. i should be writing the paper that was due last wednesday but i'm not. instead i'm surfing the web, eating, walking the dog, and now blogging.

procrastination should be the first definition for man in the dictionary. we all do it. we all know better. there are very few of us who will go knock out an assignment upon receiving it. we will sit and wait as we find other "important" things to take up our time. like blogging.

i have plenty of organic chemistry reading and problem solving to keep me busy, yet i'm not doing that either. i go to lecture everyday and i felt a bit lost the time i showed up an hour late. hey, i was sick and didn't even realize i was late. usually ten minutes but an hour and ten minutes? i must have been more out of it than i thought. i went home that day instead of going to lab because as i sat in the back of class, i didn't want to cough up a lung on my neighbors, i noticed i stepped in dog poop. horrible morning.

shit, i sit here now after my bfast wanting to take a nap. there goes the dog scratching on the door to be let in. he made me take him out and asked to go on the patio after. so i let him in, made some tea, and washed the dishes. all in about 5 mins.

now i just have to refocus and type out that paper. it's not something i wanted to do. i would have dropped the class when i found out about the paper on the first day. i was approved for financial aide and i got a note from the counselor that this would be the last time at PCC since i've exceeded the allowed credits there so long as i stuck to my submitted plan. great. i have another dilemma now that the class i was supposed to take next term is at the same time as my o chem. i'm not changing my o chem for an elective so i will find something suitable and deal with the consequences. it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

that's one premise i plan to put into my paper. i emailed my teacher about a problem i had with it. he never got back to me. i forgot about it and every time i tried to talk with him after class some one else was. time goes by. i don't do any interviews, like i'm supposed to, and the paper is due. great. now it's late, no interviews, and i have another field trip to do and write about next week. fuck.

well it's not going to write itself unless i start it. i'll let you know how it goes. i just better not fail. a C would be much better than the F on my transcript. oh, that's the reason i'm taking this class. state and local government. i apparently took it in my youth and got an F. i guess that explains why i don't remember the class or the other two on my transcript with F's.

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