Saturday, December 3, 2011


i feel the need to get this off my chest. i love boxing. its the best sport there is. two men in the ring to see who is better. no one to blame but yourself if you lose. sadly, someone or something else always takes the blame for the loss. rarely do you see a true man say "it's my fault".

tonight's fight is a rematch between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. they had a good fight last time. Margarito took the win with a knockout of Cotto in the 11 round. Cotto admitted the defeat was his fault, at the time.

a couple of years ago Margarito fought Shane Mosley. Mosley's trainer felt Margarito's hand wraps before the fight and told the ref they didn't feel right. they had him undue the wraps and redo them. testing later showed his hands were wrapped with chemicals in plaster of paris. the press went on to say he wrapped his hands with plaster. this is not the case. there were two chemicals on his wraps present in plaster of paris, true, but not the plaster itself.

now, forgive me here if i got it wrong as i no longer follow boxing religiously. he may have felt the wraps after the fight. either way Cotto went and looked at the tape of his fight. when the ref raised Margarito's hand to signify him as the winner, Cotto thought he saw something funny. he's been calling Margarito a cheat publicly.

Margarito says he had no clue his trainer did this in the first place. he fired him for it. a man who was like a father to him. it hurt him deeply to fire the guy but he had to do it. he's now cast as a villain in boxing. to accept his role he's grown his hair long and has a goatee. he's loving the attention. his wife hates it. its really eating him up inside but as a boxer he knows any attention is good attention and attention sells tickets and pay-per-view.

i look forward to seeing what i believe will be Margarito redeeming himself tonight. Cotto is a good fighter. i just don't believe he has the mental capacity to beat Margarito. Antonio is a warrior. he won't stop coming forward, which is how Cotto likes to fight. only difference is Margarito can bang where as Cotto just taps away. he'll get discouraged and won't be able to take the barrage of punches Margarito will dish out. i think he will either quit or get knocked out, again.

i still see rumblings of people calling Mayweather a cheat. he's an ass and among many other names i don't want to take the time and mental energy to call him, is he's not a cheater. he hit Ortiz after the ref told them to box. he was polite and professional in hugging Ortiz for the intentional foul. i myself would not have been so forgiving. he showed himself to be a true professional and i respect him for that.

it was Ortiz' choice to not keep his hands up at all times, like every boxer is warned to do at the beginning of every fight. after the hug Floyd saw an opening and took it. who could blame him? the guy had just intentionally head butt him. i would have kicked the guy myself. he was perfectly within his right to hit him and by no means did he cheat. Ortiz knew he was wrong for doing so and didn't blame Floyd afterwards or talk bad about him because he knew he got what he deserved. besides, he knew he had no chance of winning the fight.

Pacquio won his fight two weeks ago. i know he looked horrible and was beat up. problem is Marquez stopped fighting after the middle rounds. i guess he doesn't know his history. the fight, if close, always goes to champion. in order to win the belt you have to BEAT the champion. sad thing is, Marquez was thoroughly beating Pacquio. he should have won that fight. Pacquio had a look of defeat on his face throughout the fight and at the end didn't believe he won.

Marquez only has himself to blame. had he kept the pressure on those last few rounds the fight and belt would be his. instead everyone is talking about how he got robbed and Pacquio was given a gift. no. Marquez GAVE the fight away. history has proven this over and over. if you're beating the champion you have to keep beating until the end of the fight. not stop in the middle because you feel you have a comfortable lead and don't want to risk getting knocked out. if you don't want to risk getting knocked out then don't get in the ring. period.

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