Friday, July 27, 2012

Havoc at the hideout

Havoc at the hideout. Two years in a row this race has owned me. Not just does it own me but i'm quite sure if I have another child it will come out and slap me for taking part in this race. This is the second race of the year in a series put on by xdog.

Xdog puts on a series of cross country races throughout the year. Some would call them trail races. I now call them bushwacking. Even though they have gone through and cleared a path, you're still knocking bushes out of your way. Hell, I had to back track once because I followed someone who took me the wrong way, even though we were warned not to follow anyone, I stepped in some stinging nettels. So did she so ha.

The race director made his announcements at the beginning of the race. Telling us don't follow people in case they go the wrong way. Following the trail was part of the challenge. He also told us there are two kinds of people that come. Those who go to one event and then continue coming to every event and those who never come back again.

This was the second bf race I did last year. I remember it being hard because of all the rain. There was mud everywhere. My feet were cut up from sliding in the mud over the rocks. It was hard, I fell a couple of times, yet I had a blast. I even finished with a smile on my face.

finishing last years race in good spirits.

I can tell you right now that wasn't the case this year. I was so relieved when I finished. I came into this race thinking I would improve my time over last year and do much better. That wasn't meant to be. Yeah, the course was dry but it certainly wasn't any easier. I almost feel it was harder. Especially running down the hard pack dirt road with all the tiny gravel bits spread out on it. It wasn't any easier last year but it definitely hurt more this time.

I remember running more of the course last year than this time. When I got to the big hill that I could barely crawl up last year, I was already reduced to walking. I made it up but was a bit disapointed that I had already been walking. I've been doing maf training. How the hell can I be in worse shape? Why wasn't I running? Dry conditions should be easier, right?

Apparantly not so. One guy hobbled by me. He hurt his ankle but I didn't ask him if he did it during the race or before. Everyone was suffering and complaining through this. I don't really remember passing anyone like I normally do. Oh well. This is how racing goes. Anyway possible but the way you wanted it to.

I learned my lesson from the last race. It was also too hot so I left mury with dan's wife and son. They played with him. I'm grateful that not only they went but agreed to watch him for me. 

mid race doing the required "X". i didn't put my arms high enough.
post race with a scared dog. 

this year's finish. i was done with this race before i crossed the finish line. it looks even funnier up close because of how puffed out my face is from exhaling so hard.

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  1. One of the best races ever. See you there next year !