Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tahoe Rim Trail

a few weeks ago i took a trip to Reno to vacation and visit my brother. i only had two weeks off between terms and i needed a good break. i believe i did my first post about how my plans were all changed because my girls were still in school when i got out. so i went alone.

i left my dog Mury with a friend. my brother's german shepherds scare the crap out of him, well, urine at least. he's squirted at least once when fat boy Bear growled at him. another time i watched Bear growl and Mury and he dropped like a fainting goat. i laughed so hard and still laugh when i talk about it. hell, i'm smiling and laughing now. it was something i will never forget. then there's River. she doesn't like anything that moves thats smaller than her. if it does she jumps on it to stop it. she has poor Mury petrified to move. i have to stop her so that he can get around. my brother thought it was funny once to pick my dog up and dangle him in front of River. it was but it terrified the little guy. he's so insecure i always to push him to be friendly with strangers and other dogs but he won't do it. so i left him instead of torturing him.

the problem for me to leave him behind is he's my running partner. i can always count on him. there's been maybe two to three times max when he didn't want to run with me. he's a stubborn little dog so he tries to get his way with me a lot. he will stop and not move until i either pull him or change directions. those few times i couldn't get him to move at all.

so i made do by running with the shepherds. the first day i took them both out while i was bf. no problem but i got a crack on the side of my left toe. it was a big crack. the skin was thickening up like a callous and split open like a muffin top. it didn't feel nor look too good. i ran the rest of the time with my huaraches on.

now came the next to last day in Reno. i had wanted to go see Tahoe and run there. supposed to be some beautiful trails. 168 miles to be exact. i didn't need that much. i found a stretch of 6 miles that would work out for me. the map description said it had a waterfall.

i knew to leave Bear at home. fat boy would just be too much for me on an unfamiliar trail. he likes to pull and if i went bf there's no way i could slow him down and enjoy my run. it was a good call. the trail was nice soft sand with lots of rocks on it. not too bad but with a 100 lb. beast pulling me and watching River as well, i couldn't do it. not alone at least and for this run i would be alone.

i found the parking lot that i needed for the trail. i started with my huaraches on. i met some people who were coming down the trail. they confirmed i was on the correct one. i took off the sandals and put them in my pocket. i then let River off leash and watched her run around. she had a blast. she is an amazing dog. one day i will get my brother to you tube a video he made of him training her. apparently everyone at the dog club stops to watch those two work since they are so insync and she is super athletic.

every chipmunk or bird she saw, she was off chasing it. she once took off some 50 yds downhill chasing something. i called her up to me and she just kept running along the hill. i was afraid i was going to have to call in for a rescue. lucky for me she came back up charging full speed. that was the only problem i had with her. whenever we came up to other people, even if they had a dog, she would stop immediately and stare at me. that's a damn good dog and hard to teach.

we made it to this beautiful waterfall where i made her go in and take a drink. now this is a really tiny stream. i'm used to seeing Multnomah falls. they are huge. this was like a garden hose in comparison. it worked though and was still a beautiful sight.

we went up the stone stairs and continued on the trail. about 3/4 of a mile we came to a fireroad. it looked like it went all the way back to the beginning. there was no way i was going to go down this bf for some 3 miles. it wasn't soft sand and it was littered with big rocks. we turned back instead and came back the way we came.

once at the car i went to the lake. it was huge. i mean really big. i didn't have all day to drive around since i was likely going to pick up my niece from school. i found a dock in the nearest town. River jumped in the water no prob. she loves to swim. i found a stick and was trying to teach her to jump off the end like they do on ESPN. she was scared! after a few tosses she was jumping by the end but not nearly what she's capable of.

i had had enough and was ready to go. i was bout to drive back to Reno and just get some IN n Out there but didn't make it. i was starving. i went slow and saw this little taco shop on the side of the road with some tables outside. mandatory when you have a dog with you. especially a beautiful one like River who someone might steal. she might bite them but she would be worth more than they could imagine.

once fed we drove back to the house. i didn't pick up my niece because, well, she's being a teenager. other than that it was a good day. Bear didn't even throw a fit when we got back. i thought he might attack River out of jealousy for being gone with me all day. thankfully he didn't.

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